Maelle is looking for Womenswear Menswear Accessories brands

Is this you?

Are you a founder of a fashion brand? 

Or do you want to launch a brand in the upcoming months?

Maelle is the right place for you.

The fashion experts in Maelle are involved in educating, promoting and facilitating the production and sales of brands from 0-3 years of age.

The fashion industry is changing!
  1. Technology that is now a very powerful tool of communication that allow the little brands to bypass magazines, showrooms and the traditional sales network to make themselves known.
  2. The consumer is more aware and no longer buys as if they were blind, but clearly chooses their own style and dimension of fashion. 
  3. The movements of inclusion and acceptance, which include categories that have never before been seen or known, and which now have a voice, a face and a new system of values, which includes diversity and does not exclude it. 

You can apply to be a case study today!

This means that Maelle experts will follow you step by step, and you will have a special channel to communicate with them.

Expert advice can be very expensive, so you’ll get extra support here to make your brand a solid business.

When you are a case study you have the advantage of:

  • get a free 60-minute session on sales (a practical guide on how to contact buyers on time based on your needs);
  • get a free 60-minute session on communication (how to find the communication strategy in line with the brand’s mission);
  • share your social media insights throughout the first year at Maelle, every month (so our communication expert can sift through all strategies and advise you better);
  • a free check of your sketches for your collection (with the product development expert);
  • a free session with your entrepreneur coach to discover your strengths as a founder.

Request a Demo saying: “I want to be a Case Study”

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Do you know how Maelle works?

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