Having a widespread B2C distribution starting from a poor internal organization: how it all happened inside Maelle


On a mission to revolutionize Israel women’s fashion since 2018, All Day Alba is a Tel-Aviv based brand founded by the martial instructor Rachel Katzin


The brand noticed a lack of supply in the market for a woman who has a life full of errands (career, family and passions) and who wants to be comfortable at all times – from the gym to taking the kids to school, to leisure and work.


The biggest challenge for the brand was to understand the damage and limits that the B2C local sales business model applied for two years was creating, due to the large stock that was accumulating without a communication line that supported an organic sale. The unstable situation of the brand was mainly due to the period of the global pandemic, from 2020 to 2022, as the team remained separate – one part in Washington, USA, and one part in Tel-Aviv Israel. This made all the exacutions of tasks very slow and required daily meetings and email exchange.


While using Maelle, in the complexity of their reality, the All Day Alba team understood that:

  • the lack of a stable profit was mainly due to the lack of a precise identity, a defined target and correct strategic communication.
  • the lack of team unity was due to the lack of clear objectives with a precise timetable to follow, and above all to the overlapping of roles in the company.
  • the lack of new market opportunities due to large stocks preventing focus on expansion.

“I’m very glad I got to work with Maelle. Leda Di Marti, who has been close to me, is not only a great professional brand adviser, but she also inspires through her passion and dedication for her job. Italian perseverance and quality is not only world wide recognised but also manifested by Leda’s works and attention to details.”

– Cristina Lure, CEO of Hatzelle, hats brand, Dubai, UAE


After starting using Maelle’s tools, the brand was able to identify the main reasons for the delayed sucess: not having a strong identity to present to wholesales retailers and a non-existent communication strategy. The whole All Day Alba team focused on these sections: Branding, Communication and sales development.


Once Maelle’s blue prints followed, the brand developed:

  • a long-term strategy, focusing only on 3 markets in 2022: USA, UAE with direct distribution and the Middle East with subcontractor distribution with multi-brand stores.
  • a line of communication based on product promotion via website, social and on-site promotions, increasing profit by 35% in 2022.

“I think it was a great opportunity to get to work so close to such a creative and genuine professional team like Maelle’s. They don’t only have the knowledge and the resources to help a brand, they will also promote and elevate your brand in a competitive fashion environment.” 


– Cristina Lure, CEO of Hatzelle, hats brand, Dubai, UAE

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