For over 25 years, Cigala’s has embraced a simple philosophy borrowed from design: Less is More. The exclusion of any polluting procedures from the production cycle, the use of certified organic cotton, entirely Made in Italy craftsmanship, non-toxic metals, and recyclable labels are not considered a disadvantage in business calculations, but rather an added value to each collection.


Beauty becomes jeans Cigala’s aims to do business well, without poisoning the planet or exploiting people. Creating perfect jeans while rejecting any process that worsens the world is a guiding principle. The company does not seek profit through cost-cutting measures. It knows that beauty is a concept broader than appearance.


Cigala’s sets its sights on a confident woman, capable of embracing new cuts and lengths without hesitation and enjoying experimenting with different combinations, starting from the shoes, to transform her style from fashion to super-sporty and vice versa. The world of jeans has always been the most suitable for this kind of play. It has revolutionized modern fashion by replacing trends with personality. It is precisely this type of customer that Cigala’s style appeals to: the girl or woman who tries on a garment without wondering how trendy it is, but rather imagines how she can wear it to feel different from everyone else.

Cigala’s jeans must be tried on, worn, and touched to fully appreciate their quality and beauty. For this reason, the brand has chosen to step away from online sales channels and exclusively rely on the expertise of the most interesting boutiques in Italian cities.


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