the four

On a mission to develop a means of communication that enables our customers to rediscover themselves through fashion garments, the two founders of The Four are constantly in search of new experiments to expand the confidence of their audience.


“We have always believed that creating designs requires an ideological underpinning. The reason for this is that the objects that surround a person exercise an impact on them, and thus they can act as vessels of messages. Our goal is to make THEFOUR pieces a means to attribute strength, confidence and a feeling of security to their wearer.


Anett and Marci – partners-in-crime since their university years – are the designers behind THEFOUR, a Budapest based womenswear label. While they have a shared devotion to creation, they could not be more different regarding their personalities, and their attitude towards design.

The pair, through a continuous dialogue, constructively channels their clashing energies into reaching one shared goal: designing clothing for maverick women.


THEFOUR, a kaleidoscope of heritage and invention, is a Budapest based womenswear label.

The clashing energies of designers Anett and Marci are channeled into singular clothes for maverick women. THEFOUR creations, as a reflection on the perplexing issues of our present, carry empowering visual messages – while smart cuts and neat shapes keep the sophisticated pieces uncomplicated and wearable.


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