How does the membership work?

Maelle is a platform designed to give you clear support and guidelines to follow in order to take care of any important aspects of your fashion business. When you purchase your annual access to the platform you will immediately be asked to fill in a profiling form so we understand you and your brand better. Based on your answers we will give you an analysis of your brand and start showing you the guidelines and instructions relevant to your case, territory, goals and type of brand. Follow these guidelines carefully in order to get the most out of your membership. The membership lasts 12 months starting from the purchasing date.

Is there a direct exchange with the platform’s experts for my specific questions?
Yes, there is. When you purchase your access to Maelle you will have a call with Leda to double-check your profile and goals with you. After that, whenever you want or need a more personalized analysis or suggestion from our experts, you can go to “Sessions” and book a private session with the expert you want. We made the investment for these private sessions as small as possible for Maelle users. However, we are pretty sure you will not need these sessions, as we designed the platform so that you already have all the necessary information already in your paid plan.
Can you help me with buyers?

We do help you with buyers in the “Sales” section of the platform. What we provide you with is a list of buyers who are relevant for your brand and interesting for your business goals. In the list you will find name and contact information in order to get in touch with them whenever you wish. In case you need special assistance you can book a session with Leda. We want our users to be as independent as possible in the management of their brand and business, so we will provide all the info to operate independently but will not contact buyers for brands.

Do I have to pay commissions for productions or sales to Maelle on top of the membership?
We will not ask you to pay for any commissions for your production or sales. (There could be extra commissions that external experts may ask you for their work, in that case it is work happening outside the platform therefore not under the Maelle umbrella.)
Can you check my execution?

We have designed the platform so that you can be as independent as possible in the execution of the strategies we provide you with. However, should you feel the need to talk to an expert you can trust, you can book a session with the expert in the sector you need in the “Sessions” page.

Why should I work with Maelle?
Because Maelle was created in order to make the fashion business cheaper and easier for the insiders. Based on our direct experience, it takes huge investments and many errors before getting the business right. This is a waste of time and money. We want fashion insiders to cut costs and reach their goals in an easier way. We can guarantee that with Maelle.
Can I buy access only to the specific sections I need in the platform?
The Maelle membership plans are comprehensive of everything you need to consider when in business. So we have created membership plans that cannot be fragmented into sections. Moreover, if you were to buy separate consultations for separate topics, you will end up spending more than the comprehensive membership plans.
How much does it cost to buy these services separately without joining Maelle?
We created an e-book on this topic. Feel free to read it here (link) and see for yourself that Maelle memberships are very affordable compared to the market.
I am just starting out, which plan do you recommend?
We definitely recommend the Essential plan. In case you can make very big investments and have extremely ambitious plans from day 1, only in these cases do we recommend considering the Premium or Advanced plans.
What other perks or discounts do I get as a Maelle user?
You will get a discount on consulting packagins and on external services, like designing services and trends analysis.
I have a very specific question I have not found the answer to yet, how can I write you?

You can fill in the form you find here in the homepage and let us know what is on your mind. We look forward to hearing from you!