Our Values

Maelle is the platform to learn,
create and give back

Maelle App is a created by experts in the fashion, beauty and aesthetics sector. When Leda Di Marti, fashion consultant and designer, Elisa Bonandini, image consultant, stylist and professional make-up artist, meet for the first time, they exchange ideas and talk openly about the pros and cons of their industry. Both love fashion, colors, curtains and the study of the evolution of the image. Both Leda and Elisa are perplexed about the speed with which the cosmetics industries are evolving, consumers are more aware and attentive, but fashion remains the second industry that generates more pollution in the world, after that of food.


Elisa and Leda agree that something must be done, consumers are changing and they realize the great exploitation of labor, the low idgene of textile workers, the exploitation of natural resources, pollution and the inability to solve in time. all waste, garments, fabrics produced. We need to educate, revolutionize and protect our planet and its textile workers.


To educate

Elisa has always educated, being a teacher for many aspiring skin-tone matching or styling experts. Maelle was therefore born from an unease, from an idea of ​​revolutionizing fashion, starting with brands. Consumers seem eager to understand and make the best choice for the environment and for textile workers (and for the entire fashion supply chain). So now we need to train fashion brands, from the inside, from the ground up. Maelle chooses to teach, educate and test new and young fashion brands on the (sometimes unrealistic) timing of the seasons, filling the lack of information between the fashion university and the world of work.

Revolutionize, making the distance shorter

Maelle is a reality born of a need: to create better, create quality, to change the world. Many brand founders have mind-blowing, innovative and truly revolutionary ideas. But 1. maybe they live in a remote place, where fashion is not an everyday concept, far from the glittering New York City, or from sophisticated Milan. But 2: maybe they have access to few economic and even productive resources, maybe they don’t have a choice in fabrics, materials and accessories, they don’t know any textile industry and they are limited in the creative choice. But 3: maybe they don’t have moral support and they feel alone to start this path without the drive and determination and communication that a work group generates.
Maelle intends to erase these inequalities, to bring suppliers, ideas and buyers together in a single large virtual space, which leads to a responsible, conscious and fruitful production of tangible products.

Safeguard the planet and defend workers' rights

In our experience, “sustainable” takes on many meanings based on what one sells, produces, or intends. But sustainable has only one true meaning: to produce with respect. Since there are still many fashion brands and consumers who are unable to use this potential optimally, Maelle educates them, analyzes them and directs them towards the path of sustainability. Brands will choose whether to focus on the choice of material, on respecting a fair wage for workers, on saving CO2 for the transport of products from one part of the world to another. You can make this world better by trying to recover what can be saved and eliminating disparities. Maelle helps you do it, together, with pride and determination.


To Offer small & medium fashion brands a holistic platform to build and scale their business.


To Provide small & medium brands a professional consulting experience, and a one-stop workplace which has all the guidelines that they need.