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Empowering Fashion Innovation: Maelle App’s Journey with Microsoft Startups in the Middle East


In a dynamic landscape where fashion and technology intertwine, Maelle App, a forward-thinking consulting company specializing in fashion brands, embarked on a transformative journey with Microsoft Startups in the Middle East. This partnership marked a significant milestone, elevating Maelle App’s trajectory and fostering innovation in the heart of the fashion industry.


A Pioneering Collaboration


Founded on the principle of offering a comprehensive platform for ideation and consultation, Maelle App caught the attention of industry leaders. In 2022, the company achieved a remarkable feat by joining the esteemed Founders Hub, a Microsoft initiative designed to nurture and support promising startups. This collaboration proved instrumental in propelling Maelle App’s growth over the subsequent year.


Elevating the Partnership


Buoyed by the success of their participation in the Founders Hub, Maelle App entered an exciting new chapter in 2023. The company was extended an invitation to join the prestigious Microsoft for Startups program, solidifying the partnership’s significance. By aligning their goals with Microsoft’s vision, Maelle App embraced a realm of unparalleled benefits and unwavering support.