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This year as well, Maelle, in collaboration with Camera Moda, is presenting a panel on the most captivating theme and market of the past five years, which is evolving at the speed of light. From Saudi Arabia and its futuristic Neom to Dubai’s revolution and its expo 2020, held in 2021, the race of Middle Eastern countries, particularly the GCC, has begun and shows no sign of slowing down. Maelle, with the support of Camera Moda, has organized and will present the panel dedicated to the Middle East and its formidable innovation, featuring experts and prominent figures who are leading change and innovation in the Arabian Peninsula.

Camera Moda with Maelle for the Middle East


The first presentation is an enlightening one titled “The ever evolving landscape of building a brand in the Middle East” by Elisa Bruno, CEO of Level Shoes, Chalhoub Group. She will address the moderator Orietta Pellizzari’s probing questions and engage with the audience, including buyers, emerging brands, sustainability advocates within the Fashion Hub, press offices, PR professionals, and journalists.



The second segment is a panel featuring an exceptional lineup, titled “Innovation in retail and contemporary fashion consumer in the Middle East” by François Schweitzer, General Merchandising Manager, Etoile Group, Antonio Ruggiero, Technology Strategist, Microsoft Italia, and Paolo Lo Monaco, CFO Al Khayyat Investment.

These experts have traveled from Dubai and the GCC to share their experiences, insights, and the future they are shaping with local and international brands, demonstrating the tremendous progress achievable with the right vision.

This year as well, the duo of CEO Leda Di Marti and CMO Martina Di Pasquale are gearing up for the seasonal event embedded in the “Cross-Cultural Business Conversations” framework, a fixture in the official schedule of Milan Fashion Week. The event, scheduled to take place at the official venue of the Fashion Hub, namely Palazzo Giureconsulti, in Piazza dei Mercanti (opposite the Duomo), will feature a panel of distinguished experts specializing in commercial affairs in the Middle East and actively engaged in Gulf countries’ markets.

The panelists will be interviewed, and their discussion will be moderated by Mia Mamede, a UN spokesperson for Goal 2030, focusing on the themes of innovation and technology in the realms of fashion and retail. Guests will be welcomed into the dedicated conversation space within Palazzo Giureconsulti.

Camera Moda collaboration for the Middle East

Maelle ceo leda di marti and cmo martina di pasquale, and e-commerce expert Federica Gioia

Milan Fashion Week is one of the most eagerly awaited fashion events in the world, and it is finally back in person after the post-Covid era. The event is held in Milan, Italy, and is responsible for disciplining, coordinating, and promoting the development of Italian fashion. 

last season invite for the camera moda panel

This year, the event is in an ebullient mood, with the Italian fashion industry on course for its best ever year of sales in 2022. The event is a platform for fashion brands to showcase their latest collections and expand their reach to new markets.One such event is the panel dedicated to fashion expansion in the Middle East, which will take place on September 21st at Palazzo Giureconsulti, in Piazza dei Mercanti.

The panel will be led by CEO Leda Di Marti and CMO Martina Di Pasquale, who will discuss “Fashion Distribution and Growth Platform: Unlocking the Middle East: Fashion Brand Expansion Essentials”.


MFW Event with Camera Moda – Fashion Hub

This year as well, Maelle, in collaboration with Camera Moda, is presenting a panel on the most captivating theme and market of the past five years, […]

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